Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday Reader

Sorry for the abbreviated nature of the reader today, but I am working like crazy and ready to fall on my face, and thinking clearly has become a struggle.
There will be more coherent posting tomorrow, most likely. While you wait, read these, because you're worth it :D

-Muslims in America.: An actual scholarly article about the diversity of the American Muslim community and the general ignorance of non-Muslim Americans re: Islam.

-An article on Syrian lingerie and the possible social/class issues that could be discussed with this as the basis. WARNING: one of the images is slightly Not Work Safe.

-Professor, What If... on reconsidering Thanksgiving, part three.

- The Mental Toll of Being a Muslim in a Post-9-11 World: Has a great discussion about being an American Muslimah hijabi and the reactions she gets.

-The War on Christmas, signaled by Atheists suggesting you can be good without God

-Muxes at The Jaded Hippy. I love the smell of deflated stereotypes in the morning :D

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