Thursday, November 06, 2008

And here goes the circus...

Proposition 8 has all but passed.

Yet again in our nation's history, a whole group of people have had their rights denied them by the (barely) popular vote. There is something slightly different about the particular case of California. In the other states where marriage rights have been limited to one privileged group, the codification of those restrictions simply made existing restrictions into even harder-to-defeat laws.

In CA, the right to marriage had already been granted by the courts as a constitutional right. Proposition 8, has taken away pre-established rights.

And the LAPD, have of course, been dealing with the distraught populace who are watching their rights and the rights of their neighbors dissolve into the ether of fear and bigotry in the classiest way possible.

"How" you ask?

Well, by beating protesters of course!

The link leads to a video from the BBC.

You know, this looks kinda familiar...

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