Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Live long enough to see the humor, and long enough to see some change

I tend to range between cynic and idealist in my opinions, but my default setting is generally idealist. I choose to believe that the universe is a balance of positive and negative, and your own experience of it is dictated by the things you choose to focus on. I CHOOSE (and am very conscious that I do so) to focus on the positive or at the very least to hope that things can improve.

I wonder why so many people feel a need to challenge my decision to have hope. Is it because misery loves company? I encounter, on a regular basis, people that go out of their way to attempt to disabuse me of my idealism, and act as though they are doing me a favor by doing so. as if they are "saving me from myself" (red flag!!!!) by revealing how silly it is to care or to hope.

A note to those who feel a driving need to do these things

1st: If you (editorial "you") think you need to "save me from myself" then I only really need to be saved from you

2nd: Who exactly does it hurt for me to have hope? If it hurts you, then that is your problem and not mine. If you think that you need to "tell me what its really like" don't bother.

3rd: Don't assume that because I am hopeful, that I am uneducated, or unaware. I AM aware, and I have made the choice to think this way. You only complain about my "rose-colored glasses" because you are not happy with your storm-cloud colored ones.

Just remember:
"...I'm not going to pretend
that I don't pick my nose
that's just the way it is, my friends
that's just the way it goes
this is who I am
what I do
and what I say
if you like it, let it be
if you don't, please do the same"*

*Lyrics to "Pick Yer Nose" by Ani DiFranco

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