Monday, July 11, 2011

Shai, 6 Weeks

Editor's Note: This piece was originally published on June 7th, 2011

(I pulled this idea from Blue Milk and her posts about and for her kids)

Dear Shai,*

Its been nearly 6 weeks since you were born, even though it feels much shorter than that. I want to keep track of the things that make the deepest impression on me since this time with you is flying by so fast.

So here are two lists: one of my five favorite things so far, and one of my five least favorite things.

5 least favorite things:

  1. Losing my temper when you cluster feed in the early mornings
  2. How paranoid I am that you will stop breathing
  3. The diaper rash I caused by switching diaper brands
  4. How sometimes you can only be comforted by me
  5. How fast you’re growing

5 15 most favorite things:

  1. Your milky smell
  2. The way you resemble a little bird when you root around, looking for a nipple.
  3. How desperately you want to be able to hold your head up
  4. How surprised you look when you manage to do so
  5. How you wrinkle your brow when you’re trying to focus on my face
  6. Your little hand resting on my belly when you nurse
  7. Your baby smiles when you dream
  8. How you snuggle on me or your mommy
  9. When you make what your mommy calls your “turtle face”
  10. how soft you are
  11. How relaxed you get when I hold you
  12. The little glimpses I get of your voice
  13. How vocal you’ve been from the moment you touched my skin
  14. How absolutely in love with you I am
  15. how fast you’re growing

*Not hir actual name, but the name that I will be using online when talking to or about hir.

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