Thursday, May 07, 2009

See That On My Arm? That's Wool, Because I Am Morphing Into Sheep

MMMMMM, yummy meta-blogging. Besides Twitter, blogging about blogging is quite possibly one of the most navel-gazing things you can do. I avoid it usually because hey, I like having belly-button lint, thankyouverymuch.

However, I am consistently fascinated by the details of blog traffic. Obsessively I look at where people have come from, where they are from, where they looked and for how long.

My favorite is the search terms, because they always make me wonder about the person who searched for that, why they did and what else they found. I wonder if we managed to serve their needs. For some, I know we did (example: "societies that require veiling") and for some, it was just touching that they remembered us so specifically (examples: "witchiebunny blog," several variations of the blog name and quotes from posts.) If I didn't manage to do so, I intend to rectify that...right now :D

So, for your reading amusement, I present ::drumroll:: THE HALL OF WTF!

1) "hijap fucking": First of all, I am going to assume that they meant "hijab." The logical assumption is that zie is looking for pictures or footage of hibajis (veiled women) fucking. Well, that's original. No really, the whole "forbidden fruit" thing combined with the exoticization of Muslimahs, as well as the assumption that females bodies and sexualities exist to pleasure one has ever managed this combination before! Congrats Skippy, on re-inventing the colonial, sexist, Orientalist wheel! In a similar vein we had someone looking for "". Brb, I need to beat a dent into the nearest brick wall with my forehead.

2) "Websites that ahve cocky and funny exmaples that can be used to women"
My question for the person who asked this is "cocky and funny examples of what?" Can we at least finish our sentences people? Give me a fighting chance here, willya?

3) "alyx vance fucking"
Witchiebunny's exact reaction to seeing this in our search terms: "" ::frowny face::
Once again, for those of you in the back of the room, women do not exist purely for your pleasure! No, not even video game women. I suggest some Crisco and a shotglass if you are in such need of stimulation.

4) "to ease my trouble man"
I recommend pot...or

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