Sunday, May 10, 2009

Raise that double standard high!

I really don't get it. (trigger warning for that link) I don't. What does it take to rationalize wishing an entire group of people dead simply because of their political ideology? And how much nerve do you have to have to say this and then claim that you don't hate them?
How insecure are you that you can only see the loss of privileges as a form of oppression? How far is your head up your own ass that you really think that anyone in the world has it better than you?

For the record, mass murderers like Marc Lepine are not "folk heroes" and if you idolize what he did in any way, then I would like to suggest that you may be a danger to others. It is not rational to react with violence unless you are in direct and immediate danger and I have yet to find any evidence that white guys are in physical danger from feminists as a whole. Why is it that if a feminist even has a fictional character call all men rapists, anything else she says is considered polemic and invalid at best, and "hysterical," "shrill," "dangerous," or "misandrist" at worst, but a man actively calling for the death of all "Western Feminists" (don't get me started on the racist, sexist and colonialist notions behind tacking "western" on to that) is considered reasonable criticism? Oh, but he doesn't mean it literally! Well, that certainly makes me feel better. I can fucking sleep like a baby tonight.

You know who else pulled that trigger, Mr. Flashman? An entire world that thinks that men deserve to control everything and women deserve to serve men. Marc Lepine's actions were not transgressive, rebellious or radical. They were one more example of the same bullshit that women have been facing for most of human history, and that is the chance that they will be killed simply for daring to exist while female.

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