Thursday, February 12, 2009

Same Shit, Different Day

Dear US, US based mainstream media, and various other information outlets,

Please stop it with the judgments of Nadya Suleman. I am so sick of hearing about this that I could puke. Asking if she should be "allowed" to give birth to octuplets when she already has six children is an irresponsible question. Her body, her life and her choice. So they may end up on some sort of public assistance. Who the fuck cares? no really, who cares? Some of y'all think you shouldn't have to pay for her choices because you think they are irresponsible. I get it. I also think thats a pretty fucking cold Regan-esque thing to say. These are children, they are here and they are alive, and they deserve a chance at a decent life, regardless of how desperately you want to judge their mother. Unless you really think your self-righteous posturing about how this woman is a leech, insane or worse is more important than feeding children who haven't done anything but be born. And seriously, Yahoo news...the whole family may end up costing a whole 1.3 million dollars as a scare tactic? That means one dollar from a million taxpayers. How many taxpayers do we have in this country, hmm? Purposefully inflating that number to feed into the welfare wank? THATS fucking irresponsible.

Honestly, judging women for their reproductive choices is so fucking old-meme I don't even know where to begin. Besides, if she were a white woman with a husband everyone would be cooing over the pwecious widdle babies and TLC would be falling all over itself to give her a TV show and years worth of free shit.

Just cut it the fuck out already.

love and kisses,



  1. *dropping in from Womanist Musings* Haaaai~

    Uhhh, co-sign.

    Ugh, while I was talking to my mother over the phone (before a different shit storm went down) Suleman randomly came up, and my mom declared that she ought to be ashamed of herself for having so many kids. And I was just like, "Wtf? Ashamed of WHAT?"

    Seriously, this has been analyzed and driven into the ground so much I've gone from being vaguely interested to just not caring. There is, I think, something interesting going on here but the media at large seems to be more focused on "OMG 8 BABIES AND SHE ALREADY HAD 6 AND SHE'S NOT MARRIED *gasp* QUELLE SCANDAL!" Christ, I'm so over & done. I agree that if she were white & married everyone would be all "Oh? How nice. Okay."

    *breathes into the paper bag* 'Kay I'm done...

  2. T.R. Xands,

    Thanks for stopping by! Yeah, this whole spectre of the brown "welfare queen" that has been making the rounds due to this has been making me want to tear my hair out. There is also a definite sense of "GASP, a woman with an Arab sounding name who may not be white and has no MANLY MANLY MAN to SUPPORT HER is having babies! THEY ARE OUTBREEDING US!" I have only seen a few other people who have mentioned noticing that, but its the first thing I saw.