Sunday, February 22, 2009

Quick Hit: Misogyny Where You Least Expect It

Another one for the "You have got to be fucking kidding me!" file.

I love StumbleUpon. You want to lose a whole night of productivity? StumbleUpon. I have found some awesome sites and amazing images through this lovely concept.

Unfortunately there is no way to request things that are not written by idiots who say sexist things.

If you follow the link, you will find a blog post about the worlds deepest pool, which looks amazingly awesome. One problem though, the sub-title of the post.

The Deepest Swimming Pool In The World

The last date you take your cheating girlfriend on.

Anyone else see the problem here?



No? it absolutely necessary to advertise an amazing place with the suggestion that its a great place to kill a woman who cheats on you?

In a world where the vast majority of murdered women are murdered by their significant others, you really thought this was appropriate? Or worse, a fun thing to joke about?

Well I know that is exactly what makes me think someone is edgy and cool, is their willingness to joke about drowning bitches who dare to fuck someone other than them. Way to go there Skippy.


  1. Anonymous1:11 AM

    Why do people think this is funny?

    It's like this show I saw an advert for called "The Duke", which is supposed to be about being "manly men". The witty and edgy advert for it? It's The Duke musing aloud "Can men live with women? Can we hide their bodies?". get it? Oh I am sure it's gonna be a smash!

    I have a permanent dent in my head from all of the desking.

  2. Oh, the battles I have had on Stumble Upon. So many misogynists calling me an ignorant man-hating feminazi. One called me "uppity" with no trace of irony. And one gave me the title "Cunt of the Month," but I didn't even get a plaque or a trophy or anything, so that was kind of disappointing. Probably wasn't even certified by the National Cunt Evaluation Board.

  3. Jeez Lauren, what a rip off! At the very least you would think there was a certificate involved or something.

  4. I here you on stumble upon. Some of the comments on my site even call it a waste of bandwidth, this while there is so much other hateful nonsense routinely stumbled. I now limit my searches to womens issues, feminist, and feminism. I simply cannot tolerate anymore misogyny.