Thursday, July 23, 2009

Today in things that make me want to hide...

This is terrifying.

Anti-Gay Extremists Predict “Flash Point” for Charlotte Pride.

An Excerpt:

In a movement that places such value in the Word, there is little difference between word and deed. And that’s particularly true when the word is presented as prophecy. Engle says his prophecy is that the “homosexual agenda” will reach its high-water mark in Charlotte, and that because of their efforts, “it stops here.” Those hoped-for thousand will have fasted and prayed, and they will have heard the exhortations to value death more than life. Brown and Engle are playing with a very dangerous mix of emotion and religious fervor. Under those conditions, just about anything might happen.

I highly recommend the entire article. It is a very detailed look into the actions and rhetoric of these men and their followers.

THis comes back around to several points that I have made in the past, namely that there is a consistent movement of terrorist(and I use that word deliberately) activity against marginalized groups in this country, and that the government needs to start calling it what it is. The other is that things like this highlight the massive difference between the "traditional" values groups and the "progressive" values groups. In our perfect world, we get to live just like everyone else, in theirs, we are dead and they are rejoicing over our graves. As someone with a family history of experiencing genocide, you can probably guess which one I prefer.


  1. Terrorism has been a major tactic of the the right wing in America for a long time, as well as an incredibly succesful one--particularly when one thinks of how succesful the KKK was in keeping African Americans away from the voting booth in much of the country for 1000 years. And yet, still people talk of 9/11 as the day when terrorism first washed up on our shores, and, after all that talk of not negotiating with terrorists, or even giving them trials, Bush's justice department made a plea deal with Christian homophobic anti-choice terrorist Eric Rudolph. Just as Obama doesn't look American took those still not convinced of his citizenship by his Hawaiian birth certificate, anyone who's white, right wing, and Christian just doesn't look like a terrorist to the U.S. government....

  2. Correction--100 years....