Friday, March 06, 2009

The reason I am losing my mind

So, I had to fire someone for the first time a few weeks ago. The cycle is complete. I have finally done everything that a manager has to do. The good part is that I don't have to deal with this person and his bullshit anymore. The bad part is that this puts me in a position of ridiculously understaffed. Until I get another regular employee, I am facing down 70 hour work weeks. Due to being salaried, I only get paid for the first 40 of those hours. I will be working til I drop and its all because of some entitled, solipsistic asshole who is convinced that the world cares enough about him to be out to get him.

This is the same special employee that thought that an appropriate reaction to a mouse problem was to scream at me. At 7am. Because that would totally make the mouse go away. Trufax.

Apparently, Mr. Speshul Snowflake got in some kind of beef with the restaurant across the concourse from us. Someone said something that he interpreted as rude to him, and he flipped about how he saw her blow her nose while she was behind the counter and insisted he was gonna get her fired. He started calling the Health Department, calling the security company that runs things here, and flipping her off. This same someone would regularly give him free food and sodas, and be overly nice to him until this point.

Anyway, the restaurant's response was to ban him from their premises, as is their right. They contacted me to let me know what was happening, and so that I could warn him. I called to warn him, and apparently this means that I was one of the "OMG EBIL PEPUL OUT TO GET MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" in his mind and he freaked at me, screaming, cursing and going on long rants about how the security company was going to cover up the issue and the Health Department was gonna get paid to look the other way, and generally making little sense beyond paranoid delusions. When I asked him to stop screaming at me and do what the security company said or I would probably be forced to fire him, he told me to fuck off and hung up on me. (This is condensed btw)

I called back to ask him if this was his final notice. He picked up once, told me not to call there, and on each subsequent call, would pick up just to hang up so I couldn't even leave a message. I sent him a text letting him know that I could have the termination papers drawn up the next day if that's what he wanted. He proceeded to threaten me and ramble on about the restaurant and legal action. When I told him, again via text, that the restaurant issue was his business, that I was not involved and did not care, but that I needed him to do his job and apologize for his egregious behavior towards me, he replied with this precious little gem(which I saved just in case he tries to pursue anything against me or the company as well):
"No apologies for anyone. I'm not friends with anyone anymore. I'm sick of this shit. I'm taking the fight back against everyone and will enjoy it. Payback time."

I was so done at that point that I called my boss, told him the situation and we agreed to terminate him.

Seriously? "Payback time"? Payback for what? for not taking your side? for not licking your anus? for acting within our rights to not let you do whatever the fuck you want regardless of how it effects us?

This is a classic entitlement mentality. This is the kind of guy who believes that because he isn't a rapist who kicks kittens, that the world owes him something. Females owe him respect and admiration, and people should be throwing things his way because hes just so darn "nice"! No one besides him knows anything, and hes smarter than everyone, but nobody appreciates his snow-flakey brilliance. When someone doesn't do EXACTLY what he wants, the way he wants it, and when he wants it, then they clearly have no other goal in mind but to "get" him and he is now owed "payback".


The best part is that he still expected to have a job with me after all this!

::steps up to podium, tests mike, clears throat::


::steps away from podium::

When he found out he had been suspended until further notice, he called me (when I explicitly stated that all communication be kept in email) and left a three minute message detailing his "case" against the restaurant and threatening to go to the media with it "once *Company name redacted* covers it up." He then proceeded to try and guilt trip me: "Well, I guess I don't have a job there anymore even though my other job is folding, and we aren't friends anymore too." Because apparently I owe him a job and friendship regardless of his total lack of respect for me because he neeeds it.

Shoulda thought of that before flying off the handle, Sparky! You can't even handle one basic instruction regarding communication, and I'm supposed to feel sorry for you? Especially when I have the sneaking suspicion that you ignored my request purely so you could control the conversation with your apparent God-given right to treat everyone exactly how you please while ignoring their right to do the exact same thing to you.

The list of shit with this guy just goes on and on. I will only be calm when I have his badge, and I can fade into the long list of people who "screwed" him in his mind.

Anyway, reason for telling this story?

This is why posting is exceptionally light lately and why I have little ability to think clearly.

Good times.


  1. wow. it astounds me how people feel entitled to treat other people like peons. be careful though--this level of crazy is scary. i hope you have a security guard with instructions to not allow that man on the premises. on the bright side, whoever else you hire couldn't possibly be as bad, right?

  2. Well, we are located in an airport, and we will be collecting his badge within the next week, so I have no worries about him coming back and doing anything stupid.

    However, because I'm in the airport it takes forever to get someone hired because of the badging process. I'm looking at working 70 hours this upcoming week and I just want to kick this kid's ass because of it.