Saturday, March 13, 2010

Important Lesson, you assholes

Welcome to class! Sit down, shut up and listen.

Today's lesson, what the right to free speech in the US means and what it does not.

Some of what it means:
It is what prevents the US Government restricting speech that critisizes it. It also prevents the state from dictating that only specific points of view be presented publicly.

What it definitely does not mean:
That you have the right to say whatever you want with ZERO social consequences or critisism.

If your first reaction to "what you said was offensive, hurt me and/or replicates and supports systems of oppression that negatively impacts my existence" is "...but what about ME!? And my right to FREE SPEEEEEEEEEEEEEECH!?" then I will likely be exercising my right to free speech to make sure that you know what a douche bucket you are.

Cause you are right. It is a free country. You are as free to be an asshole as I am to point out your assholery to both you and anyone else who cares to listen.


  1. Of all the things that drive me nuts in on-line discussion, the misuse of the term "free speech" is one of the most irritating (which is really saying something). Somehow, a significant portion of the population has gotten the idea that criticizing anything anybody else says is an assault on free speech...particularly ironic since, if the first amendment actually said that, it would be the complete antithesis of free speech. Perhaps the best response is simply to say "you're an idiot." Then, when they express offense by that insult, yell "FREE SPEECH!" right back at them.

  2. I LOVE this post, but I also love your I Stink, Fucking Get over it post. I couldn't comment on it however, because here in Saudi Arabia it is behind a firewall because it has the word 'fucking' in the title.

    But I loved it nonetheless! Pure genius, so glad I discovered your blog.

  3. @Voracious Vegan

    Aw, thanks! Sorry about that, I wasn't aware that the Saudi firewalls worked that way.