Friday, August 14, 2009

More on Health with added racism!

As lifted from Monica at Transgriot

I'm more than disgusted and tired of this vanilla flavored meme popping up in our national discourse. There are 300 plus million people who call themselves Americans and we ain't all White. We pay taxes, serve in its military, and have done more than our share to help this country grow and prosper. Get used to the fact that we voted on November 4 to take this country in a different direction. It's past time that our policy desires and priorities are pushed with our tax dollars as well and are front and center in the national discourse.

We were more than a little pissed when you people were in control and fracking the country up that we spent 8 years painstakingly cleaning up from the Reagan-Daddy Bush years. Now that President Obama is cleaning up Junior's mess you conservatives are all of a sudden 'concerned about the deficit'.

At least this man is tackling the problems you peeps refused to deal with. What's making you even more upset is that it's your worst nightmare, an intelligent Ivy league educated Black man with his summa cum laude Princeton educated wife that's succeeding.

So keep crying those crocodile tears lamenting the America you lost. Good riddance to that Jim Crow ridden America and welcome to the 21st century.

If you want to be pissed at somebody, aim it at the conservatives who look like you and bamboozled you into repeatedly voting against your own economic interests in the first place.


  1. If there was any doubt that the conservative movement in America is based on a handful of rich white people manipulating the stupid, videos like this should dispell it.... The really shocking thing is that I believe these people are honest in what they're saying, honest about their fear, and completely unconscious about their own prejudices...all in all, it's truly sad...

  2. Anonymous12:00 PM

    I am not being obtuse when I say that I do not understand what it is that the people in the video are afraid of. Dori, feel free to give me your 2 cents.

    I can't fathom these people... we are talking about health care for the most vulnerable in society. We are talking about a basic human right. How is health care for the poor "frightening"? What is scaring these town hall people about taking care of our vulnerable citizens?

    Someone help me understand!

  3. @theczech:

    What they are afraid of is quite the hydra, really. Its difficult for me to articulate as my brain has decided that my vacation isn't over yet, but...I think it is a combination of desperately clinging to the "bootstraps" meritocracy myth, as well as the rising spectre of the "Welfare Queen" who, if medicine is socialized, will take their hard earned money and get health care that she didn't earn. Take that with the reality that the "anti-welfare" discourse is almost always centered on poc despite the fact that less than half of welfare recipients in the country are starts painting a pretty ugly picture.